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Posted by sandgaijin on April 30, 2009

The video is finally up and ready for contest entry!


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I Am Fresno State

Posted by sandgaijin on February 17, 2009

So, I think I found the thing I’m looking for to making my crossword puzzles doable for people not immediately next to me or don’t want the hassle of having to print it off…


It comes in the form of Across Lite – it’s a very good program to receive crossword puzzles. Not so much helpful in constructing, but I like it. You can find it for any operating system and it’s less than 2MB. So please download it to do my puzzles.

Anyway, here’s my puzzle. It ties in with the “I am Fresno State” video contest (as seen in the New York Times) open to students and alumni of CSU, Fresno. I decided to give the contest my own taste, direction, and spin while also adhering to crossword conventions – symmetry, no words less than 3 letters, no word islands, a decent amount of black squares (50 in this puzzle), and a theme…


Look for the video to pop-up sometime soon on a YouTube near you! I hope I win.


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Posted by sandgaijin on July 24, 2008

Sorry that it’s been so long since a new puzzle has come up. I’ve been swamped with plenty of things. If you haven’t checked I have new blog up at http://olympic08orchestra.wordpress.com

ANYWAY, let’s get you a new puzzle… this one I call TAles. They are all songs by The Beatles that have letters omitted from them to create different words. Upper case letters indicate a separate word in the song title, like the title for example: TAles – The Beatles; the letters H, E, B, E, and T are omitted leaving the word TAles. I’ll give one more example and get on with the puzzle.

ex. ShOO – She Loves You

1. Ed’s AWe
2. YeS man
3. Old Lad
4. Mile
5. Moth ArSon
6. No gOd

I will leave the answers in the comments. Good luck!

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New puzzle and answers to RR Xing

Posted by sandgaijin on April 7, 2008

Think of a 10-lettered word for a cause to celebrate. Remove the fourth and fifth letter and you’ll get a product used to celebrate with. Hint : the fourth and fifth letters are E and R.



1. E-store – Restorer
2. Ashe – Rasher
3. Ace – Racer
4. Elate – Relater
5. Aide – Raider

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RR Xing …. and PB & J answers

Posted by sandgaijin on April 5, 2008

I’ll give a clue that will give you a word. When you add R to both ends of the word you’ll make a new word. Name both of the words.

1. Like Amazon.com / Like a classic car enthusiast
2. Tennis legend Arthur / More hasty
3. Starting pitcher / Type of stripe
4. General feeling of uplift / Person that compares
5. Assistant (var.) / Oakland Athlete

PB & J


1. Petty, Brady, Jones
2. Pressure, Bushel, Joules
3. Press, Boom, Juke
4. Polka, Bebop, Jig
5. Push-ups, Blankets, Jackets/Jogging
6. Penny Lane, Blackbird, Jude

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P, B, & J… and the answer the last brain buster.

Posted by sandgaijin on April 3, 2008

P, B, & J

I’ll give one central clue that these three answers share. Each word will start with P, B, and J. More than one word may be possible, but i’m just assuring there is at least one legit word per letter.

1. Famous Toms
2. Units of Measure
3. Words before ‘box’
4. Types of music
5. Things that will warm you up.
6. People/Things in The Beatles song titles.



Penis > Pnis > Pins > Snip

First procedure done younger with circumcision the other being older for a vasectomy.

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My latest crossword puzzle

Posted by sandgaijin on April 1, 2008

It isn’t quite finished yet. There are about 7 more letters I need to fill in. That was a really hard puzzle to make for reasons I shall not disclose or it will be spoiled. After that comes the clues. With how this puzzle is, it would probably be a Thursday or Friday. I’m sure there are some crossword building programs out there to help build words and construct it for you, but that’s just Microsoft Excel believe it or not. She sure looks mighty purdy!

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Your new puzzle.

Posted by sandgaijin on April 1, 2008

This may be a little racy for Will Shortz, but here goes nothing…

Think of a human body part. Remove the second letter and switch the center two letters. Read it backwards to get an informal word of something that usually happens twice in its lifetime.

With that down, I’m still trying to get this Word Press thing down still. I would love to learn how to put a spoiler tag in so people that stumble on this blog don’t find out the answers before they read the puzzle. So…



1. Beak – Bear
2. Pak – Par
3. Make – Mare
4. Kite – Rite
5. Spoke – Spore

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Risky Business

Posted by sandgaijin on March 30, 2008

These are words where you can find a K. Replace the K with an R to get a new word. Thus, R is K!

1. Prominent bird feature that these animals don’t have.
2. Golf’s Se Ri ____ and word often seen on her scorecard.
3. Car related partner of model and a model of a farm?
4. Ben Franklin experiment leading to his listening of springs by Stravinsky?
5. Visible wheel support… visible biology support…

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Posted by sandgaijin on March 30, 2008

Hello there!

My name is Ryne and I would like to challenge and indulge your minds in some of my brain busters. About me – I’m a 23 year old student Majoring in Music Education at California State University, Fresno. I already have a good audience that have tried my puzzles and enjoy them, so I thought “Why not expand my audience?”

These puzzles have been inspired from listening to New York Times Crossword Puzzled Editor Will Shortz on his puzzle segment on NPR aired Sundays. Believe it or not, my puzzle addiction came to me back in October 2006 after getting hooked on crossword puzzles. After becoming pretty good at them I decided I should take a stab at creating my own crosswords. I pulled out my Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and started making some. I found it much challenging than it looks and had way more themes in my notebook that never found its way onto the computer, so I turned them into word play puzzles like Mister Shortz. I’m still making crossword puzzles and I hope one day to get them published somewhere like the school newspaper and also be on our local radio station puzzling listeners, too. I aspire to be a top puzzle artist and creator.

Aside from that, I’m just a regular guy that lives like anyone else – paying rent, breathing air, eating food, and enjoying microbrewed beer.

With that aside, let’s get this show on the road!


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