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RR Xing …. and PB & J answers

Posted by sandgaijin on April 5, 2008

I’ll give a clue that will give you a word. When you add R to both ends of the word you’ll make a new word. Name both of the words.

1. Like Amazon.com / Like a classic car enthusiast
2. Tennis legend Arthur / More hasty
3. Starting pitcher / Type of stripe
4. General feeling of uplift / Person that compares
5. Assistant (var.) / Oakland Athlete

PB & J


1. Petty, Brady, Jones
2. Pressure, Bushel, Joules
3. Press, Boom, Juke
4. Polka, Bebop, Jig
5. Push-ups, Blankets, Jackets/Jogging
6. Penny Lane, Blackbird, Jude


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