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Posted by sandgaijin on July 24, 2008

Sorry that it’s been so long since a new puzzle has come up. I’ve been swamped with plenty of things. If you haven’t checked I have new blog up at http://olympic08orchestra.wordpress.com

ANYWAY, let’s get you a new puzzle… this one I call TAles. They are all songs by The Beatles that have letters omitted from them to create different words. Upper case letters indicate a separate word in the song title, like the title for example: TAles – The Beatles; the letters H, E, B, E, and T are omitted leaving the word TAles. I’ll give one more example and get on with the puzzle.

ex. ShOO – She Loves You

1. Ed’s AWe
2. YeS man
3. Old Lad
4. Mile
5. Moth ArSon
6. No gOd

I will leave the answers in the comments. Good luck!


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