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Posted by sandgaijin on April 30, 2009

The video is finally up and ready for contest entry!


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I Am Fresno State

Posted by sandgaijin on February 17, 2009

So, I think I found the thing I’m looking for to making my crossword puzzles doable for people not immediately next to me or don’t want the hassle of having to print it off…


It comes in the form of Across Lite – it’s a very good program to receive crossword puzzles. Not so much helpful in constructing, but I like it. You can find it for any operating system and it’s less than 2MB. So please download it to do my puzzles.

Anyway, here’s my puzzle. It ties in with the “I am Fresno State” video contest (as seen in the New York Times) open to students and alumni of CSU, Fresno. I decided to give the contest my own taste, direction, and spin while also adhering to crossword conventions – symmetry, no words less than 3 letters, no word islands, a decent amount of black squares (50 in this puzzle), and a theme…


Look for the video to pop-up sometime soon on a YouTube near you! I hope I win.


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Posted by sandgaijin on July 24, 2008

Sorry that it’s been so long since a new puzzle has come up. I’ve been swamped with plenty of things. If you haven’t checked I have new blog up at http://olympic08orchestra.wordpress.com

ANYWAY, let’s get you a new puzzle… this one I call TAles. They are all songs by The Beatles that have letters omitted from them to create different words. Upper case letters indicate a separate word in the song title, like the title for example: TAles – The Beatles; the letters H, E, B, E, and T are omitted leaving the word TAles. I’ll give one more example and get on with the puzzle.

ex. ShOO – She Loves You

1. Ed’s AWe
2. YeS man
3. Old Lad
4. Mile
5. Moth ArSon
6. No gOd

I will leave the answers in the comments. Good luck!

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